Dr. Ioannis Polythodorakis

Ioannis Polythodorakis, MD

Past President, WScS

Director 4th Neurosurgical Department Henry Dunant Hospital Center

Scientific Director Athens Brain & Spine Surgery

Visiting Professor Univercity of Crete

­Member of General Medical Council U.K.

Ioannis Polythodorakakis was born in Athens in 1964. He is a graduate of the Medical School of the University of Thessaloniki- Greece, specializing in Neurosurgery. He has specialized in Minimal Interventional Spinal Cord Surgery at international centers in Europe and America.

He is a Trainer in Spinal Surgical Techniques, at international centers, the Cleveland Clinic Spine Institute (USA), Liaquat National Hospital (Pakistan), Dokuz Eylul University (Turkey).

His areas of work are: Spinal Surgery, Brain Surgery, Minimum Interventional Spinal Surgery, Minimum Interventional Brain Surgery, Interventional Pain Management.


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