2nd Coventry Spine Masters 2017

04 Dec - 04 Dec

The 2nd Coventry Spine Masters 2017

The 2nd Coventry Spine Masters 2017 was a 3 day intense spine course held from 28th till 30th July, 2017, in Coventry, United Kingdom. The course covered the basic and advanced spine surgery. It had a group of expertise, enthusiastic about teach from around the globe under one roof. There was a combination of presentations with up to date in spine surgery, case studies, and challenging quiz and most importantly hands on to practice the easiest to complex approaches in one of the highest ranked cadaver lab in the UK.

Prof Amjad Shad (UK), opened the course by highlighting its objective and aims. A quick overview of Biomechanics and its clinical application was given by Prof Edward Benzel (USA) this was followed by Spinal Fracture Classification and their surgical timings with medical management given by Gregory Trost (USA) and Prof Salman Sharif (Pakistan), respectively. Craniocervical fractures with their surgical approaches and fixation techniques was discussed by Prof Amar Saxena and Prof Mehmet Zileli (Turkey), respectively. This was followed by a lecture on Cervical Deformity and their correction techniques by Prof Edward Benzel. Prof Michael Steinmetz (USA) talked about Management of C2 fractures in elderly patients and this was followed by a discussion on Surgical Exposure of the cervicothoracic junction by Prof Sait Naderi. Following the coffee break, the participants went ahead to the Cadaver Lab in which they were taught the anterior cervical approaches and fixation. The honoured guest speakers session was held in the afternoon, in which Prof Mehmet Zileli started off with the management of fractures in ankylosing spondylitis. Then a discussion on minimally invasive fusion techniques was done by Prof Paulo Pereira. This was followed by Prof Doug Orr talking about the significance and measurement of sagittal balance parameters, and then Prof Michael Steinmetz discussed where we are now with spinal cord regeneration. The day ended with a session on dorsal spine, with talks on management on thoracolumbar trauma and unstable fragility fractures by Prof Amjad Shad and Prof Doug Orr respectively. Finally talks on dorsal and dorsolateral approaches to the thoracolumbar spine, with lumbosacral instrumentation and pedicle, facet and translaminar screw techniques were given by Prof Gregory Trost, Prof Abdelfattah Saoud, and Prof Nikolay Peev respectively. And the session ended with Cadaver Lab 2 on dorsal cervical approaches and fixation techniques. Then all participants and faculty enjoyed a dinner together at Warwick Castle.

The second day kicked off with a debating session, in which Prof Masri talked about the Non operative management of thoracolumbar fractures, following was a discussion on Surgical Management and Controversies of Thoracolumbar Fractures by Prof Joachim Oertel. Then a session on minimally invasive spine surgery was started with Prof Gregory Trost reviewing the applied anatomy followed by Prof Nikolay Peev discussing MIS for trauma. Prof Paulo Pereira taught the percutaneous pedicle screw fixation. Discussion on post traumatic kyphosis in thoracolumbar fractures, was done by Prof Mehmet Zileli. Then Management of MIS vascular and neurological complications was discussed by Prof Chris Imray and Prof Giovanni respectively. The morning ended with Cadaver Lab 3 on Minimally Invasive Spine Fixation Techniques. Following the lunch break, the honoured guest speakers session was held, in which Prof Doug Orr started with a talk on Deformity reduction and Osteotomy techniques in spine. Then talks on Intra operative fracture dislocation reduction and Ventral Lumbar and Sacral Exposure and Instrumentation were given by Prof Michael Steinmetz and Prof Sait Naderi respectively. And then all participants and faculty proceeded to the cadaver Lab 4 on Osteotomies with Ventral and Lateral Exposure of the Thoracolumbar Spine. The second day ended with a challenging quiz session for all participants.


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