Karachi Spine 2019

15 Jan - 15 Jan

Karachi Spine - Cadaver Approach Course

18th-20th January, 2019


With the aim of providing the latest perk of knowledge and training to the aspiring neurosurgeons in Pakistan, the department of Neurosurgery, Liaquat National Hospital organized Karachi Spine 2019 in collaboration with World Federation of Neurological Societies-Spine Committee, World Spinal Column Society, Middle East Spine Society, and Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons, a joint cadaveric workshop to provide hands on training to the young neurosurgeons in Pakistan. With constant support from Medical Director Dr. Salman Faridi and hospital management we celebrated Aluminum anniversary of Karachi Spine cherishing the successful decade to it.

Prof. Douglas Orr (USA), opened the course by highlighting its objectives and aims. A quick overview of the cervical anatomy was given by Prof. Doug along with Cranio-Cervical and Cervico-Thoracic surgical approaches by Prof. Mehmet Zileli (Turkey) & Prof. Ioannis Polythodorakis (Greece) respectively, this was followed by the surgical indication in Cranio-Cervical and Cervico-Dordsal fixation techniques by Prof. Joachim Oertel (Germany) and Prof. Salman Sharif (Pakistan). Approaches to Cervical Spine Trauma Early v/s Late was discussed by Nikolay Peev (UK) and Asif Bashir (USA) and Approach to patients with Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Anterior v/s Posterior was discussed by Joachim Oertel and Gregory Trost (USA). This was followed by a lecture delivered on Artificial Disc Replacement for 2 level Cervical Dısc by Prof. Seung-Young Jeong (Korea) and Subaxial Cervical Spine anterior approach by Prof. Oscar Alves (Portugal).

Lumber section of the day comprised of Pedicle, facet and translaminar screw techniques by Prof. Trost, followed by Sacral / iliac instrumentation by Prof. Nikolay. Osteotomies overview, Tube Guided surgery  Percutaneous pedicle screw fixation & MIS lateral approach indication and pitfalls result were some of the state of the art lecture by our esteemed faculty naming Prof. Onur Yemen ( Turkey), Prof Zileli, Prof. Trost & Prof Orr respectively. On first day we also had an executive World Spinal Column Society board meeting. The day commenced after namaz break in Cadaver lab in which we had sessions on cervical spine anterior approach, Multiple CVJ techniques, Lumber XLIF /OLIF and MIS TLIF techniques by the spine masters.


Day ended with Dinner at Governor House with our honorable President of CPSP Prof. Zafarullah Chaudhry and all of our International and National Faculty, where the guest faculty and participants had a good time to relax and enjoy the evening and cultural show.


The second day of the course (19th Jan’19) commenced with Mano-a Mano lectures Of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery had different sections to it. Firstly, Duel on Cervical Disc which had Case presentation by Dr. Saad Akhtar, Fixation & fusion by Amjad Shad ( UK), Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy  by Prof. Kim (Korea), Cervical Arthroplasty by Prof Oscar and Hybrid Surgery Technique by Dr Giovanni Grasso (Italy).

Second duel was on Lumber Disc Prolapse in which case presentation was by Dr. Talha Abbas followed by Tube Microdiscectomy, Endoscopic Discectomy & Transforaminal Discectomy by Prof. Orr, Prof. Oertel & Prof. Kim respectively. Third Duel was on Spinal Stenosis, case presentation was by Tariq Muhammad, followed by a discussion on Decompression, Fusion & Interspinous devices and lumber facet distraction & fixation by Prof. Zileli, Prof. Trost & Prof. Giovanni.

Fourth Duel of the day was on TLIF, case presentation Dr M Aamir Saghir followed by management options like, Open TIF, Mini Open TLIF & MIS TLIF delivered by Prof. Mehmet, Prof. Salman & Prof. Paulo Pereira ( Portugal ) respectively. Fifth Duel on Spinal Trauma and management, in which case presentation was by Dr Manzar Hussain, and management options presented were Open Decompression / Fusion, MIS Screws and Kyphoplasty /MIS by Prof. Trost, Prof Oscar & Prof Amjad Shad (UK).


Second half of day 2 was compiled of up to date lectures on recent advances in Spinal Deformity including Monitoring in Spinal Deformity by Dr Tariq Imtiaz (KSA), Sagittal Balance Deformity by Prof Salman, Osteotomies by Prof. Trost, Kyphoscoliosis/adult degenerative scoliosis by Prof. Mehmet, MIS Deformity by Prof Ioannis, How to Tailor surgery for Scoliosis, when to operate in congenital scoliosis and expert opinion on Adolescent scoliosis: classification and treatment by Prof. Orr (Course coordinator)

There was a problem solving session for our young neurosurgeons’ better understanding about congenital Deformity, adult and adolescent deformity case and discussion, followed by assessment in world class Jeopardy Game Show brought to us by Prof. Trost.  Dinner with all our Faculty and participants was by the beach side enjoying the pleasant chilly weather by the seashore and bonfire night.

Along with main courses of Karachi Spine we had parallel session for our students on 18th Jan’ 2019 “Neurosurgery:  a Dream or Reality” a successful outnumbered participation in our Hands on Burr Hole Workshop in collaboration with Pakistan Neurosurgical Students Society Coordinated by Dr Manzar Hoseyn and Dr. Mohsin Qadeer. On 19th Jan’ 19 we arranged a session for our OR allies we arranged a Neurosurgery Scrub Tech Course in coordination with Prof. Tariq Salahuddin, Dr. Aamir Saghir and Dr Saad Akhtar, regarding basic understanding of Role of Neurosurgical Technicians. Women in Neurosurgery session is a mandatory part of the Karachi Spine course to cherish and motivate the women in Neurosurgery coordinated by Dr. Aneela Darbar and Dr. Noorulain Iqbal. Highlight of the show was Dr Salman Faridi.


Third day of the conference 20th Jan’19, there was Live surgery Session demonstrating expertise in Deformity correction under Neuro-monitoring setup, correcting the curve to the best with intact neurology. There were Neuro-monitoring done for the patients with MMC and TCS, making the best use of electrophysiology to keep the neurology intact.


On 17th Jan, 2019, A day excursion trip to the city of Lahore was arranged, where the faculty enjoyed the historical archeology, traditional lunch with the view, visit to Wagah border, a glimpse of enthusiasm of #NayaPakistan, road trip to urban side for coffee and Fine Dining at Monal Restaurant, a traditional dinner with the top view of the city.


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