World Head Injury Awareness Day

20 Mar - 20 Mar


“Safe Journey to Life”


Department of Neurosurgery

Pakistan Neurosurgery Student’s Society

Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College


Department of Neurosurgery at Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College organized in collaboration with Pakistan Neurosurgery Student’s Society, a CME on World Head Injury Awareness day on the 20th of March 2019. We have been actively involved in organizing such events for Public awareness and teaching purpose. Our main moto is to produce good humans, better Pakistanis and best Neurosurgeons.

The day started with talks from esteemed faculty for the participants followed by a poster competition and prize distribution. The program ended with a walk from Gate 1 to Gate 3 of Liaquat National Hospital by the Faculty, Invited Faculty, Medical Students, Staff and Nurses.

In attendance were the Additional IG Sindh Dr. Waliullah Dal, Head of Neurosurgery Prof. Salman Sharif, Deputy Manager Nursing Services Ms. Zohra, Coordinator and Consultant Neurosurgeon Dr. Saad Akhter Khan, Program Director and Consultant Neurosurgery Dr. Amir Saghir, Consultant Psychiatry Dept. Dr. Iqtidar Taufiq, Principal of School of Nursing Mrs. Zahidi, Principal of Physiotherapy Mr. Hassan.

Prof. Salman Sharif introduced the event and welcomed the participants after which Dr. Saad presented “Facts and Scientific Researches for Use of Helmets & Seatbelts to prevent RTA”. This was followed by a talk by Dr Aamir Saghir on “Severity and Management of Head Injury”.

Ms. Zohra gave a talk on “Duties of Rehabilitation Nurse” followed by Dr Iqtidar Taufiq delivered a talk on “Psychosocial issues of devastating Head Injury and Management.”

The students of School of Physiotherapy, School of Nursing and BSN that took part in the poster competition. The three winners were awarded shields.

The speakers were given certificates of appreciation and thanked by the staff and faculty of Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College.

All the program attendees gathered with posters and banners and marched, led by Additional IG Sindh Dr. Waliullah Dal and Prof. Salman Sharif.

The day ended with a message to keep your loved ones safe by taking the extra step for safety. As 40% of deaths could be prevented in patients with Head injury by using Helmets and seat belts. Abiding by traffic rules, being safe by using helmets and seat belts. Please tell your loved ones and people around you.

“Hard hats protect smart heads” and “buckle up a million mile because seat belts aren't as confining as wheel chairs”.


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Prof. Salman Sharif




Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College


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