World Spine VI, Jamaica

04 May - 09 May

The World Spinal Column Society is pleased to offer two outstanding educational venues for spine surgeons, the 6th meeting of the World Spinal Column Society (World Spine 6) and the Cleveland Spine Review – World Spine Jamaica. The former showcases the latest advances in spine care on an international stage. The latter provides a comprehensive series of lectures and discussions (with ample time for dialogue) that cover nearly all spine topics with an emphasis on biomechanics and surgical decision making. Both venues are presented and taught by international renowned authorities.

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World Spine 6

The World Spinal Column Society, founded in 2000, has a mission to advance spine care worldwide by connecting spine surgeons in advanced and emerging nations through high quality education, training and collaborative activities. World Spine 6 is patterned after the successful previous World Spine meetings held in Berlin, Chicago, Rio De Janeiro, Istanbul and Santorini.

World Spine 6, to be held May 4-6, 2014, in Montego Bay, Jamaica, brings together world-renowned spine surgeons for two and one-half days to discuss and review Deformity, Complex Spine, Minimally Invasive Spine Strategies, Infection, Trauma, and Tumors & Pain.

Cleveland Spine Review - World Spine Jamaica

Cleveland Spine Review - World Spine Jamaica is a comprehensive course emphasizing the fundamentals of spine surgery, particularly biomechanical considerations, and the surgery decision-making process.

Participants discuss surgical techniques and strategies for a range of procedures including occipitocervical, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar fixation techniques. Complex surgical exposures in all regions of the spine are emphasized. Led by experienced faculty, the two and one-half day course held May 7-9, 2014, examines the multiple adjuncts to surgery, including soft tissue and bone retractors and distractors, minimally invasive surgical techniques, spinal implants and dissection tools. Non-operative strategies are also emphasized.

Course Objectives

  1. Utilize problem-based decision-making to develop logical algorithms for solving complex spine problems.
  2. Employ physiological and surgical principles to spinal fusion and instrumentation.
  3. Apply anatomic and physiologic principles to the variety of surgical approaches available to access all regions of the spine.
  4. Evaluate available spine surgery instrumentation systems and appreciate the advantages of each, as well as the relative indications for their use.
  5. Recognize the fundamental skills required to perform the most appropriate spine operation for any given clinical pathology, and to recognize one’s own limitations in this regard.


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